Software Developer (Machine Learning)

Luci.AI Inc.
Work Location: North York, ON


Luci.AI is a fast-growing AI integrated business solution provider and we are looking for the right full stack developer to contribute to our integrated AI solution for our major clients in retail and construction IoT sectors.

What you need to success

• Bachelor’s in computer science or a related field
• Programming experience in Python and C++
• Grounding in Deep Learning theory and recent advances, e.g. CNN, Yolo
• Experience with machine learning frameworks – PyTorch, Caffe2
• Experience with video object detection is preferred
• Strong unit testing and debugging skills
• Experience with Pandas and Numpy is a plus
• Experience with Object-Oriented analysis and design principles
• Experience with embedded software development is a plus
• Self-motivated, proactive and flexible with excellent problem-solving skills and communication skills

What you will do

• Write reusable, testable and efficient code
• Develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
• Assess and prioritize feature requests
• Provide demand-based technical solutions
• Identify and suggest opportunities to improve efficiency and functionality
• Work collaboratively to understand clients’ requirements
• Maintain good documentation habits and review code to ensure quality
• Data processing and feature engineering
• Design and implement experiments to test and improve the quality of machine learning algorithms
• Develop monitoring and testing automation frameworks to ensure data, insights, and model quality while delivering analytical insights into the product
statistical analysis in data processing and to develop processes, monitoring and testing automation frameworks, thus to ensure data, insights, and model quality while delivering analytical insights into ML techniques;
- Support the design and implementation of experiments to evaluate and improve ML models and techniques.

About Luci.AI is an AI technology company that innovates by restructuring the world in motion. Things and people are connected, and that ignites unlimited possibilities and dreams in the coming AI era. We are passionate about this vision by bringing forward lean and efficient AI solutions to that end.

We start by building up an AI Scheduling SaaS Platform that empowers large and small businesses whose employees are on the go and who envy for market expansion and revenue growth. An AI scheduling brain is built out of our dedicated research, design, and development in machine learning, deep learning, optimization, and data science and other most advanced technologies.

At Luci.AI, we revolve around our core vision and values as we grow. Located in Toronto, Canada, is born with an open, inclusive and diverse internal community. We are a team of people with strong ambition and initiative. Now, our team welcomes the best and most dedicated professionals from various backgrounds who share the same passion and common goal.

Interested in joining us for the journey? Please send your resume to