Thermal Temp Solution
Luci.AI Temp is a complete system designed for efficient human body temperature anomaly screening, detection and management to combat COVID-19 and infectious diseases. It helps you and your company to build a safe and healthy working and visiting environment.
Luci.AI Temp Provides

- Accurate thermal temperature measurement.
- Efficient measuring process with QR code.
- One-click onsite deployment.
- Cloud-based reporting and management system.
- Real-time event response across devices.
- Tiered remote administration.
- Business intelligence for reporting and analytics.

Integrated System

The system is integrated body temperature measurement thermal camera device with 5 levels of customizable body temperature measurement systems.

Thermal Screening
We apply dual thermal camera to enhance human body temperature screening accuracy. Our measurement system is integrated with complicated thermal temperature measuring algorithm and blackbody temperature calibration.

Dual thermal camera and blackbody

Thermal and camera visions

The system can be used for efficient and safe preliminary screening of temperature anomalies when deployed in public places with dense personnel. It detects head area temperature effectively with high accuracy level (±0.3℃).
Cloud-based Event Management
Our cloud-based event management system provides real-time temp measurement result management, data intelligence and visualization, and high level of customization flexibility. It supports cloud event recording, independent user access control, and layers of administration, and protect for data privacy. The system can also be integrated with existing public and corporate management frameworks.

Visitors come to the measurement location and scan the QR code offered at the location to receive the measurement result.

If there is an EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) event, the site operator will get real-time notification and respond to the event on site supervision console.

Users have real-time access to EBT event response and check event data reports on the cloud management system and mobile management App.

For Inquiries

For product inquiries, please contact David Wang at
You will receive a more detailed introduction to Luci.AI Temp solution and related information.